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5 Virtual Wing Canada is a group of military flight simulation enthusiasts operating on the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) platform. We focus on modern warfare and try to follow real world procedures as much as possible.  Originally formed by Québec virtual pilots in August 2010, 5 vWing has grown to become the national reference when it comes to military flight simulation on PC. 

Our members fly on the following modules:

  • F/A-18C

  • AH-64D

  • UH-1

We also use Combined Arms and LotATC to provide the following support:

  • ATC

  • GCI

  • JTAC

Training is normally held on Monday and Wednesday at 1930hrs Eastern Time Zone (ET). We use the free Black Sea Map for most of our operations. 

We are always recruiting. To apply, visit our recruiting section.

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