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5 Virtual Wing is always looking for new members to join our ranks. To begin the process of joining us, simply send us an email using the contact information below.

Before you do, be aware of the following expectations we have from our new recruits:

  • 5 vWing Canada is an organisation that puts the pursuit of realism at the forefront of its activities; don't expect crazy dogfights every night. This doesn't mean that we require our members to know everything about real life procedures, nor do we claim knowing everything. We simply find pleasure in learning as much as we can about the real deal and using it to improve immersion. 

  • 5 vWing is a bilingual (French/English) organisation: Members are free to use the language of their choice to communicate with others and for inner flight radio communication. However,since realism is at the core of what we try to accomplish, English is used for radio communications between flights and with ATC and tactical controllers (JTAC, GCI). 

  • New pilots are required to demonstrate a minimum of skills operating the platform of their choice (UH-1, CF-18) by performing a cross-country flight between 2 different aerodromes on the Black Sea map while being monitored by one of our instructor pilots.  Candidates have to complete the entire flight from cold start to shutdown  with no incident and without help to be accepted. 

  • The use of Discord and DCS Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) for voice communications is mandatory.

  • 5 vWing is using the latest  OPEN BETA version of DCS (NOT release). The latest DCS versions can be found here

If you want to join us, start by installing the three required mods, Discord and SRS. Test everything to make sure it is working properly. Only then contact us to schedule an initial evaluation flight. Mention your preferred callsign (your choice) and the module you want to start your training on (F-18, AH-64D or UH-1H). If you need help to install our mods, please visit this page


To join, fill out the form below. Once your form is received, we will send you a follow up email with more instruction. 

Merci / Thank you !

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