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5 Virtual Wing Canada Qualifications


Initial Qualification Training (IQT) Certification:



IQT provides pilots the basic training necessary to initially qualify in flying duties without regard to any specific unit's mission. The training covers basic aerodrome procedures, formation flying and weapons employment. The badge is awarded after the completion of a successful graded eval with an instructor using the IQT qualification chart. 


Upon successfully completing IQT, the training pilot is awarded the IQT Graduate patch, Basic Mission Capable (BMC) rating and his pilot wings insigna. 


Mission Qualification Training (MQT) Certification:

After passing the overall IQT track, trainees move on to airframe specific MQT. Successful completion of MQT is required to sign up for any joint operations with other virtual organizations. MQT provides pilots the basic training necessary to qualify in flying duties that directly support a unit’s mission. Pilots maintain IQT Graduate status until MQT is completed. The badge is awarded after the completion of a successful completion of the MQT ground school and Certified Mission Ready Experience Program.

Upon successfully completing MQT the pilot is awarded the Combat Mission (CMR) rating Line Pilot wings, MQT graduate patch and can participate in additional offered training.


Qualified Flight Instructor Certification:

After completing MQT, pilots can start assuming the instructor role. The Qualified Flight Instructor (QFI) badge is awarded to pilots that have performed at least an Initial Evaluation or IQT certification Eval as an evaluator.


Forward Air Controller Airborne FAC(A) Certification:

Forward air control is the provision of guidance to close air support (CAS) aircraft intended to ensure that their attack hits the intended target and does not injure friendly troops. In the air, this task is carried out by a forward air controller-airborne FAC (A). The FAC(A) qualification certification is awarded when the member is signed off by a qualified 5EVC FAC(A) member.

Joint Terminal Attack Controller JTAC Certification:


Qualified 5EVC JTACs use the module Combined Arms to direct the action of combat aircraft engaged in close air support from a forward position on the ground. The JTAC qualification certification is awarded when the member is signed off by a qualified 5EVC JTAC member.

Weapons Director Certification:





Weapons Directors are members qualified in command and control and have been specially trained as flight controllers in air battle management. They use LotATC to bring GCI support to our operations. The Tactical Control Badge and AWACS Wings are awarded to members when they are signed off by current 5EVC WDs.

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